The O2 Pursuit at the 2011 QBE Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter show

It was fantastic to be at the 2011 QBE Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter show to make the world launch of the O2 Pursuit air powered motorcycle

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7 Responses to The O2 Pursuit at the 2011 QBE Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter show

  1. Marc Sérieyx says:

    Hello Dean,

    I saw the photos and the videos and youtube of O2 Pursuit at the show ! That wa great :o) !
    Are you going to put a video of your first tests on youtube ?

  2. Marc Sérieyx says:

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for the video. I watched it last week😉 !
    It would be great to see you in a video driving the O2 Pursuit moto on australian tracks:-) !
    Event if I know that this first prototype was realized for designed challenge and not for engineering challenge, it would be very exciting for your fans and a very good ad for people and companies which are working with you on this subject…I think especially to EngineAir and M. Di Pietro.
    Two of my nephews and one of my sisters are living in West Australia and I would like to share with them this great news and to show them the dynamism of Australia on this subject !

  3. Fons Jena says:

    Wow this is it. If you can make it competitive with electric motorbikes – like you say in the video – this is a very big thing (especially range…). I assume that the latest high-pressure tanks can store a lot more than a scuba tank. I’m already dreaming (this bike with super motard tires must look awesome)!

  4. Marc Sérieyx says:

    In France another project of air motorcycle is beginning
    In that case the air motor used is the one from the company MDI.
    I’m taking an important interest in both projects because I think that air vehicle is a good solution in our cities.

  5. derestricted says:

    Very cool man, re-posted.

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